The best ice hockey video games fans can enjoy

Present day Ice hockey video games comes from a very motivating and exciting history. This journey began in 70s and early 80s when the first hockey video game arrived in the market. With the help of technology at that time, fans were able to engage in a novel experience of their favourite sport. Early games were simple 2D representations while today, they are built with their 3D simulations. 

EA sports has set a lot of benchmarks in this field with its NHL series. They have mastered in mimicking the realism of an actual hockey game. The player movements, puck physics, audience reactions are all a benchmark for realism in Ice Hockey video games. 

Beyond the traditional gaming consoles and PC games, ice hockey games can also be found on big online platforms. They are also offering features like fantasy leagues and integrating into slot games like big bass bonanza. The variations are brought to cater to a wider range of fans who want to experience the thrill of hockey in various forms of interactions. 

The enthusiasm for replicating the on-ice experience thrives innovation and creativity in this genre. If they can evolve from arcade-style games to realistic sport simulation, then it’s a proof that the landscape of ice hockey is growing each day. 

Top Ice Hockey Video Games for Fans

Ice hockey has a huge fan base and hence the ice hockey video games are built with a diverse array of options which is sufficient enough to cater every type of player. Whether they’re looking for realistic game and they just want quick puck-shooting game, there’s something for everyone. Let’s take a look at the top ice hockey video games that fans can enjoy.

  1. EA Sports NHL Series: This is perhaps the most well-known simulation of ice hockey. This series allows the players to be a part of NHL with added options to control the team and manage the rosters. The latest release often incorporates advanced AI features and physics engines which makes the gameplay more dynamic and realistic. 
  2. NHL Hitz Pro: If you’re looking for a more arcade-style experience, then NHL Hitz Pro should be your choice. It offers a fast-paced and over-the-top gameplay style which gives a higher priority to fun and excitement over realism. The rules are less, the action is more, which makes it perfect for a quick gaming session with same competitive spirit. 
  3. Eastside Hockey Manager: This game offers a different take on the ice hockey gaming genre. This is a deep and complex simulation game which focuses more on the management aspect of hockey. Players are allowed to take on the role of a team manager and are also allowed to deal with contracts, trainings and tactic building. 
  4. Big Bass Bonanza: If you’re an ice hockey fan who is looking for a theme based entertainment then, the big bass bonanza slot game provides an exciting diversion. While it’s not a traditional hockey game, yet it still offers the same fun and an engaging gameplay with the lot of chances to win rewards.

Getting Started with Ice Hockey Video Games

If you’re looking to start with ice hockey video game, then it is very straightforward in all forms, whether PC, or console or online platform. Some of the tips to get started are:

  1. Choose the Right Platform: Depending on your preference of the experience, you will have to first choose if you’re looking for a PlayStation or Xbox or a PC or even a mobile device. 
  2. Learn the Basics: Most ice hockey games start with the tutorials on how to play and learn the controls. Understanding of the basics and the rules is also an imperative part in playing the ice hockey video game. 
  3. Join Online Communities: Many of the ice hockey video games have online modes and communities’ options. Being a part of these communities can enhance your playing experience as it can either allow you to compete against other players or you can engage yourself in the discussions. 
  4. Explore Different Genres: As the variety of available game types, don’t hesitate to explore different types of games. It could be in the form of an action-packed arcade games, or it can be strategy-heavy simulations and even the themed slot games. Each of them offers a unique way to enjoy the spirit of hockey.

Ice hockey itself is an exciting game which offers fans to engage in different forms of entertainment. Every type of players has something to play for in this genre. Some players might fancy playing management simulators like Eastside Hockey Manager, while some might fancy playing more realistic games like EA Sports NHL series. Additionally, if you’re in mood of a light-hearted variation, then big bass bonanza could be a hit for you.

These games provide a great appreciation in the understanding of the dynamics of a real ice hockey game. Moreover, fans get a chance of be part of like-minded communities where they can share their ice hockey experiences. 

Ice hockey video games are on a spree of evolution where the experiences are becoming more and more engaging and immersive. With the rise in technology, they will promise to growth further to an extent where the players will feel the ice-of-the moment. As we look forward to future releases and developments in the genre, the excitement and passion for ice hockey are sure to be well represented in the digital arena.

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