We’ve Updated Our Player Pages!

Our new player pages, which have been available to FanGraphs Members for the past week, are now available to everyone! Thank you to all our Members who helped test these out. The new player pages include a number of enhancements:

Vertical Menu

We have a new vertical menu with expandable options within each player page. Now you can access Pitch-Type Splits and Pitch Velocity Graphs without going through other menus.

The menu is now accessible via a floating action button in the bottom right corner on mobile devices. This allows you to access the menu from any point on the page without having to scroll to find it.

Modular Player Information

We’ve given the player information section an overhaul with organized modules. There are now additional RosterResource details, such as player role, acquisition method, and current contract information seamlessly integrated into the layout.

Data Table Enhancements

We’ve streamlined pitch-level data into fewer tables with selectors for the different data sources. Pitch Type and Velocity are also now in one table, and the Pitch Values/100 have been combined with the Pitch Values into a single table. For the Statcast and Pitch Info data, we’ve filtered out pitch types columns where we don’t have data for both pitchers and batters, though this will be less noticeable for batters.

Pitch Modeling

We’ve added pitch modeling tables for both Pitching Bot and Stuff+. The pitch modeling sections allow you to toggle between the different models.

I also wanted to recognize and thank the rest of the engineering team, David Appelman and Keaton Arneson, for their contributions to this project!

Have feedback or spotted a bug? Drop us a comment or send us an email at support@fangraphs.com. Your input helps us keep improving.

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