Effectively Wild Episode 2172: No LOLMetsing Matter

Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley bring on FanGraphs associate editor Matt Martell to discuss the scenes at Citi Field that kicked off the Mets’ Jorge López saga, the resulting DFA and fallout, and what this silly/sad sequence of events suggests about the potential for player intent to be lost in translation, how off-the-field issues can manifest on the field, and the line between LOLMets and more serious situations. Then (42:00) Ben and Meg are joined by Trout-tier Patreon supporter Andrew Simard to explore the podcast as a sleep aid and answer listener emails about a jack-of-all-trades team vs. a specialist team, learning baseball lingo and the “double out,” the need for a nickname for Kyle Tucker, Anthony Rizzo and batter’s-box mobility, strike-zone multipliers, and spending surplus wins on playoff power-ups.

Audio intro: Alex Glossman and Ali Breneman, “Effectively Wild Theme
Audio interstitial: The Gagnés, “Effectively Wild Theme
Audio outro: Xavier LeBlanc, “Effectively Wild Theme

Link to López comments
Link to López glove throw
Link to Matt’s thread
Link to DiComo tweet
Link to DiComo thread
Link to Beverley ball throw
Link to Beverley pod incident
Link to Mintz López column
Link to López Insta Story
Link to López Insta post
Link to MLBTR on López
Link to MLBTR on Díaz
Link to 2023 López IL stint
Link to Mets Reddit thread
Link to Mrs. Met story
Link to Hechavarría video
Link to Hechavarría story
Link to Becker on the Mets
Link to Baseball Sleep Radio
Link to Sleep Baseball host on EW
Link to lineup makeup research
Link to Ben on Trial By Content
Link to Ben on House of R
Link to Tucker HR robbery
Link to King Tuck’s Court video
Link to King Tuck’s Court Twitter
Link to King Felix’s Court
Link to recent EW on Tucker
Link to darts “double out”
Link to B-Ref career WAR leaders
Link to new Rizzo adjustment
Link to previous Rizzo adjustment
Link to Ben on moving the mound
Link to HBP penalty email
Link to Golden Batter rule
Link to Cosmic Baseball story
Link to listener emails database
Link to Ben on Button Mash
Link to ballpark meetup forms
Link to meetup organizer form

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