Effectively Wild Episode 2170: Making it Official

Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley banter about the career and competitive implications of Ronald Acuña Jr.’s latest season-ending injury, the retirement of infamous ump Angel Hernandez, the aesthetics of umps issuing warnings, the Brewers’ success sans Craig Counsell and David Stearns, a new unwritten rule against any(?) bunting, White Sox players vs. White Sox skipper Pedro Grifol, Tim Anderson’s offense, Aaron Judge’s defense, and team meetings prior to Patrick Corbin starts. Then (1:02:12) they talk to official MLB historian John Thorn and Negro Leagues researcher Larry Lester about MLB adding Negro Leagues stats to its official major league historical record, pensions for surviving Negro Leagues players, the East-West Classic, and more, plus a few follow-ups (1:43:07).

Audio intro: Moon Hound, “Effectively Wild Theme
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Link to FG on Acuña
Link to Dan S. on Atlanta
Link to EW on modeling depth
Link to Acuña injury video
Link to MLB.com on Acuña injury
Link to MLB.com on ATL returns
Link to MLBTR on ATL OF help
Link to The Athletic on Hernandez
Link to USA Today on Hernandez
Link to Athletic Hernandez profile
Link to BP on Hernandez
Link to ump pointing pre-PCA HR
Link to Counsell boos
Link to BP on Counsell homecoming
Link to Lindor chants tweet
Link to Lindor boos tweet
Link to more Lindor
Link to Smith Berry beef
Link to bunting Stat Blast
Link to Sam on unwritten rules
Link to FG on the Guardians
Link to BaseRuns standings
Link to Grifol story
Link to Anderson errors video
Link to Anderson errors story
Link to BP on Judge
Link to Judge barrels
Link to Judge’s 20 games
Link to Janes tweet
Link to 2023 meeting story
Link to Sam on Corbin
Link to MLBTR on Robles
Link to John’s website
Link to Larry’s website
Link to AP on stat integration
Link to Seamheads database
Link to Retrosheet data
Link to Athletic stats story
Link to MLB.com stats story
Link to pensions story
Link to East-West story
Link to MLB at Rickwood Field
Link to Ben’s 2020 report 1
Link to Ben’s 2020 report 2
Link to shift violation
Link to shift violation rule
Link to Cueto Windbigler video
Link to Cueto Windbigler story
Link to Moon Hound on Bandcamp
Link to ballpark meetup forms
Link to meetup organizer form

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