Effectively Wild Episode 2165: The Bunt Stops Here

Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley banter about a fake Ronel Blanco tweet about a fake Ronel Blanco quote, Meryl Streep’s sports apps, how four expected-to-contend teams’ injury-depleted rotations are faring so far, Josh Hader’s multi-inning outings, fêting Erick Fedde, Elly De La Cruz’s pursuit of 100 stolen bases, an Austin Hedges bruise, a possible benefit of catchers crouching close to hitters, players reinjuring themselves right after returning from injury, Kyle Bradish’s non-surgical comeback, whether a Ted Williams blast really reached the red seat at Fenway, a fatal catch(?) from 1906, Connor Joe and cheat-sheet creep, Ron Washington passing the buck on a bunt, and David Fletcher’s floater future.

Audio intro: Jimmy Kramer, “Effectively Wild Theme
Audio outro: Nate Emerson, “Effectively Wild Theme

Link to “Mother’s Little Helper”
Link to fake Blanco tweet
Link to MLBTR on Blanco
Link to Streep photo
Link to FG team SP WAR
Link to Hader’s game log
Link to Pillar tweet
Link to active SB leaderboard
Link to Sam on Elly
Link to Passan on Elly
Link to EW on Wills
Link to Elly’s 4 SBs
Link to Hedges bruise
Link to catcher bruises story
Link to Tanner Swanson tweet
Link to Swanson on EW
Link to MLBTR on Friedl
Link to MLBTR on Manning
Link to tweet about Soler
Link to Soler video
Link to FG on Giants injuries
Link to MLBTR on Bradish
Link to story on Bradish PRP
Link to Petriello on Williams
Link to Rybarcyzk on Williams
Link to Hagerty’s Hicks tweet
Link to Hicks report 1
Link to Hicks report 2
Link to Hicks report 3
Link to Hicks report 4
Link to Hicks report 5
Link to Pitcairn wiki
Link to Pitcairn doc
Link to Davis/West story
Link to West on EW
Link to Connor Joe’s card
Link to C wristbands video
Link to Kiermaier card story
Link to Washington’s comments
Link to failed squeeze video
Link to Washington’s presser
Link to Guillorme bunts
Link to Guillorme failed bunts
Link to Tango on the squeeze play
Link to Moneyball clip
Link to Moniak’s failed squeeze
Link to Fletcher knuckler video
Link to Fletcher knuckler stats
Link to ballpark meetup forms
Link to meetup organizer form

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