Effectively Wild Episode 2163: Littell Big League

Ben Lindbergh talks to Rays pitcher Zack Littell (4:33) about his expectation-surpassing conversion from relieving to starting and his affinity for cruise ships. Then (23:33) Ben brings on author and film critic Noah Gittell to discuss his new book about baseball movies and American culture, Baseball: The Movie, followed by six Stat Blasts with frequent Stat Blast correspondent Ryan Nelson (1:16:14).

Audio intro: Xavier LeBlanc, “Effectively Wild Theme
Audio outro: Jonathan Crymes, “Effectively Wild Theme 2

Link to Ben Clemens on Littell
Link to MLBTR on Littell
Link to underrated-Rays post
Link to Rays WAR leaders
Link to Littell pitch usage
Link to Littell cruises article
Link to Rays pitcher dev info
Link to more on Rays pitcher dev
Link to even more on Rays dev
Link to down-the-middle pitching
Link to Rays catching technique
Link to Orioles catching technique
Link to Royals catching technique
Link to Little Big League scene
Link to Little Big League wiki
Link to Baseball: The Movie
Link to Noah’s website
Link to Noah’s Substack
Link to Brad Lesley tweet
Link to Passion baseball article
Link to more Ben on baseball movies
Link to Guy Russo’s Stat Blast cover
Link to ballpark cycles sheet
Link to 1-0 losses sheet
Link to Mets perspective gamer
Link to Pirates perspective gamer
Link to Breslin’s Mets book
Link to Ks plus ER sheet
Link to post on Feller start
Link to Ryan Nelson on Twitter
Link to cLI explainer
Link to cLI sheet
Link to Kenny Jackelen on Twitter
Link to first hits allowed sheet
Link to Cox MLB.com story
Link to Cox post 1
Link to Cox post 2
Link to Blanco stat
Link to Michael Eisen on Twitter
Link to listener emails database
Link to ballpark meetup forms
Link to meetup organizer form

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