Effectively Wild Episode 2156: Pluses and Minuses

Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley banter about how much dirt MLB players ingest in a season, the second-most-encouraging stat about Mike Trout’s season, Shohei Ohtani, Earl Webb, and the single-season doubles record, Cody Bellinger and whether the Cubs should pad the walls at Wrigley Field, whether replay review should privilege the call on the field, Matt Waldron’s knuckleball, the disparate seasons of Elly De La Cruz and Oneil Cruz, Francisco Lindor’s superstar status, José Ruiz’s pursuit of Ryan Webb’s record for games finished without a save, and Tigers broadcaster Jason Benetti’s request for a baseball plus/minus stat (and whether baseball would be better with more player-interaction effects).

Audio intro: Harold Walker, “Effectively Wild Theme
Audio outro: Luke Lillard, “Effectively Wild Theme

Link to dirt-consumption info
Link to FG post on Trout’s running
Link to BP on Trout’s swings
Link to Trout’s pitch-type performance
Link to Trout’s plate-discipline stats
Link to Trout’s sprint speeds
Link to Posnanski on Ohtani
Link to Webb SABR bio
Link to Maris Jr. article 1
Link to Maris Jr. article 2
Link to Bellinger play
Link to Bellinger quote
Link to Bellinger IL news
Link to MLBTR on Bellinger
Link to 1991 Wrigley padding article
Link to info on the ivy
Link to info on Veeck’s role
Link to article on Reiser
Link to second Reiser article
Link to ballpark homogenization info
Link to Adell play
Link to Sheehan on replay
Link to replay review rules
Link to Waldron article
Link to BP on Waldron’s latest
Link to Waldron game highlights
Link to Thrice band wiki
Link to Ben on knuckleballs
Link to Jannis EW appearance
Link to Lindor’s big game
Link to post-2020 hitter WAR
Link to Webb/Albers wiki
Link to Webb/Ruiz leaderboard
Link to plus/minus wiki
Link to MLB defense plus/minus
Link to hockey plus/minus problems
Link to NBA plus/minus problems
Link to Russell on lineups
Link to Ben on batter vs. pitcher stats
Link to catcher ERA article
Link to article on Jeter studies
Link to all-22 film info
Link to Jeff on time of possession
Link to Trial By Content pod
Link to ballpark meetup forms
Link to meetup organizer form

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