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Ice hockey isn’t the most traditional sport in the UK. Rankings on the most popular sport in the country point to options like football, cricket and rugby. However, the community of ice hockey fans is warming up to become the most-watched indoor sport and the third most-watched winter sport in the UK. If you’re also part of this growing fan base, here’s what’s happening on the ice.

Icy Passion

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According to statistics from mid-2023, about 5% of British consumers are interested in ice hockey. Five years ago, the Sheffield Steelers, one of the biggest teams in the country, played against Milton Keynes Lightning in a sold-out season opener event for 9,300 fans. The numbers still need to be more confident, considering that this sport arrived in the UK in 1895. The first artificial hockey rink in Europe was built in London.

Nevertheless, the costs of the necessary equipment and infrastructure are still considerably high in the country. It imposes a financial barrier to the sport, ultimately reducing the participation of grassroots teams, which are essential for training new generations of players.

Yet, you won’t lack superb options to bet on the NHL, EIHL or any other ice hockey league of your choosing.

Latest News

The British ice hockey scene is lively and fast-changing. Come with us and check out the latest news, and make sure you won’t miss a move of your favourite games.

NIHL Northern Finals

The National Ice Hockey League finals are taking place between the 6th and 7th of April at the IceSheffield. According to the NIHL, live stream tickets are already available as individual streams or packages for prices ranging between GBP 12.50 and GBP 30. Over the weekend, there will be matches for both Laidler Division 2 and Moralee Division 1.

The top four teams of each league will play the semi-finals on Saturday, while the title match will happen on Sunday. The event starts early, with gates opening at 9 am. Division 2 matches are scheduled for 10 am and 5 pm on Saturday, and the final match will be played at 1 pm on Sunday. Meanwhile, Division 1 matches will take place at 1 pm, 8 pm and 5 pm, respectively.

Women’s Hockey Team Defeated By Slovakia in the World Championship

The GB Women’s hockey team suffered a bitter defeat by 7-1 against Slovakia on April 3rd. The match was for the World Championship, happening in Latvia. The British team was dominated from the start, with two early goals from Slovakia. Katie Marsden scored the only goal on the British side.

The Slovakian Ema Galisova scored two goals, but it wasn’t the main Slovakian name of the event. Andrea Risianova, the goaltender, was recognised as the best Slovakian player of the match, while Katie Marsden was the best British player.

Sheffield Steelers’ Winning Streak

The Steelers defeated the Fife Flyers on the 3rd of April, keeping up with the impressive winning streak of 14 games and counting. The event started late due to mechanical problems on the bus while taking the Steelers up to Scotland. The Flyers were playing at home, which didn’t stop the Steelers from imposing a 4-2 defeat to the hosts.

The Steelers scored the first goal, followed by a goal from the Flyers a few minutes later. Yet, the Flyers couldn’t keep up the Steelers’ pace, and the first half ended 2-1 for the Sheffield side. The second half was dominated by the Orange players, who doubled the score, while the Scottish side only managed to score one more goal. The Steelers currently lead the EIHL by a mile with 89 points. The nearest challenger, Cardiff Devils, currently has 75 points.

Joey Martin Celebrates His 500th League Appearance With a Hat-Trick.

There’s a reason why Joey Martin has so many league appearances, and he demonstrated it in the faceoff between Cardiff Devils and Dundee Stars. The match happened in Cardiff and ended well for the hosts: 6-3. The Stars drew first blood with Brian Alderson, but Jake Elmer levelled the score before Martin put the team one goal ahead of the visitors.

Undoubtedly, Martin was the name of the game, scoring three goals. The Devils also won the Belfast Giants by 4-3 on March 31st. Recent results secure the Devils’ second position in the league, with a comfortable lead over the third position, the Belfast Giants.

Will the Swindon Wildcats Join the NIHL1?

We might see a new team joining the NIHL1 soon: the Swindon Wildcats. The Wildcats organisation has submitted an Expression of Interest to the EIHL, along with Swindon Wildcats Academy. According to the Academy’s Chairman and future Team Principal, Lee Mason, young players in the Academy are very excited.

Indeed, the organisation is committed to grassroots initiatives, such as the Swindon Junior Program, which not only fosters but also aims to keep homegrown talents at home. The Swindon Wildcats are expected to join the NIHL1 in the next season.

Ice Cold Season Tickets Renewal Prices

The Nottingham Panthers decided to give more than adrenaline to their fans. The team has announced that season ticket renewal prices were frozen, and they’re also offering a new all-in season ticket.

So, season tickets for the 2024-25 season will be available on April 10th. The Panthers will play 26 home games in the next season. The all-in-season tickets will cover all the games.

The Return of Mites and Mighty Mites

Get ready for one of the cutest hockey matches you’ll ever see. The Mites and Mighty Mites are back to the Showcase Draft, scheduled for May 24th. Both teams bring U9 players to the rink in one of their first steps towards a professional career.

The event is supported by the England National Team Programme and will count on eight goalies and 48 out-skaters. The event will also include a U18 match between England and Scotland.

Fire on Ice

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The British Elite Hockey League celebrates its 20th anniversary this year and will live long, thanks to its thriving and passionate community. Keep an eye on our page and stay updated with the most relevant news from the hockey world.

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