Boots Ennis’ Next Steps: Matchroom Opens Doors For Big Fights

Jaron ‘Boots’ Ennis’ former strength coach, Rob Acosta, believes that his signing with Matchroom Boxing will give him the opportunity to have some big fights and receive international recognition.

One fight that Acosta sees as possible almost immediately for IBF welterweight champion Boots Ennis (31-0, 28 KOs) is against Conor Benn because he’s with Matchroom and looking for a big fight opportunity.

The only question that Acosta has about using Benn is whether he’s clean or not because he was popped on a drug test in the past.

Crawford in Saudi, or Benn if “Clean”

“There are a lot of guys he can fight with Matchroom, and the great thing is he’ll be internationally recognized,” said Boots Ennis’ former strength coach, Rob Acosta, to Fighthype, reacting to Boots signing with Matchroom.

“Hopefully, they can make that Crawford fight in Saudi Arabia. If that’s not an option, I guess they’ll see what else is there. Conor Benn is always a good option, but, of course, he’s got to be clean. You can’t be testing positive and be fighting at that high caliber. Hopefully, that’s on the table.

Benn would have to agree to the fight with Ennis, and it’s unknown whether he would want to take that much of a step up from the guys he’s been fighting.

Undisputed Potential in Crawford’s Wake

“As far as any other 147-pounders, I know Eddie [Hearn] would do whatever it takes to try and make those fights happen. With Crawford going up to 154, it’s a big chance that he could vacate all his belts,” said Acosta.

Boots would like to fight Crawford, but his purse requirements would make it impossible for the match to happen without Eddie Hearn giving him a lot of dough.

“If he does vacate all his belts, that gives Boots an opportunity to become undisputed in that weight division,” said Acosta. “Whatever options they have from there. Either go to 154 or hang around 147 until he’s ready to go up.

“They’re willing to fight anybody. It’s who is willing to accept. It’s going to be really hard for any fighter out there to challenge Boots in IQ and other abilities. His talent is really crazy. The fight that everybody wants to see is Crawford and him. Then they’ll go from there. He’s very athletic, and his frame is big, too,” said Acosta.

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