Ryan Garcia: “No Mercy” For Devin Haney, Just Knockout

Ryan Garcia says he’s not going to show “no mercy” to Devin Haney when he faces him on April 20th to challenge the unbeaten fighter for his WBC light welterweight title on DAZN PPV at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York.

Ryan wants a swift execution of Haney, and there’s no real strategy involved. He sees it as a smooth execution of the champion Haney.

Fake Friends No More

Garcia (24-1, 20 KOs) sees Haney as a fake, plastic, snake-in-the-grass type of person who acts friendly to your face but then stabs you in the back. He wants nothing to do with either of the Haneys, Devin and his father, Bill.

Ryan feels that Haney is a two-faced phony, and he can’t wait to knock him out on April 20th to get rid of him. As far as a rematch, there won’t be one, says Ryan. He says after the beating he administers to Haney, that’s it.

Taking No Prisoners

“Not complicated. I’ve been boxing my whole life. Nothing that I’m going to see that I haven’t seen before,” said Ryan Garcia to DAZN Boxing when asked ‘how complicated’ will it be to fight Devin Haney on April 20th.

“It’s not going to be complicated. I just have to execute. You can’t have no mercy on Devin. That’s the problem Lomachenko had. Regis [Prograis] is just not a good fighter. He’s still an amateur, in my opinion. He started late.

“It’s showing that he started late. You’re not that guy. I would knock him out within three rounds. Asleep. It would be really bad for Regis. Devin is going to get badly hurt. That’s why there’s not going to be a rematch. There’s no rematch clause.

From Friendly to Feud

“There was a big shift. I just started seeing who they really are. Smile in your face and stab you in the back,” said Ryan about how he went from being on friendly terms with Devin and Bill Haney. “They have different motives. I don’t work that way.

“I sent him a text message, ‘There’s not going to be mercy. I’m coming to knock you and leave with no crumbs,’” said Ryan about a message he sent to Haney, who he claims was trying to get him to drop his guard by pretending to be nice.

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