Effectively Wild Episode 2142: Season Preview Series: Yankees and Nationals

Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley banter about the J.D. Martinez and Michael Lorenzen signings, Eury Pérez‘s elbow, Jackson Holliday not making the O’s Opening Day roster, and MLB’s crowded, mediocre middle, then preview the 2024 New York Yankees (16:49) with The Athletic’s Chris Kirschner, and the 2024 Washington Nationals (1:14:13) with The Washington Post’s Andrew Golden.

Audio intro: Philip Bergman, “Effectively Wild Theme
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Audio interstitial 2: Xavier LeBlanc, “Effectively Wild Theme
Audio outro: Jimmy Kramer, “Effectively Wild Theme

Link to FG post on JDM
Link to JDM deferral info
Link to FG post on Lorenzen
Link to MLBTR on Pérez
Link to MLBTR on O’s roster
Link to prospect promotion incentive
Link to FG playoff odds
Link to Yankees offseason tracker
Link to Yankees depth chart
Link to Chris on Volpe
Link to Chris on Verdugo
Link to Yankees wifi story
Link to Stro/Cash story
Link to SP projections
Link to RP projections
Link to Cashman on Stanton
Link to Leanhardt article
Link to 2019 Judge comment
Link to Judge toe story
Link to Cole option story
Link to Bellinger on Seinfeld
Link to Chris’s sitcoms tweet
Link to Chris’s Athletic archive
Link to Nationals offseason tracker
Link to Nationals depth chart
Link to Rizzo offseason quote
Link to Andrew’s viral photo
Link to Mintz on the photo
Link to FG post on the photo
Link to Stuff+ rankings
Link to scouting changes
Link to Orr on Abrams
Link to Andrew on Abrams
Link to SB leaders after 7/6
Link to Andrew on García Jr.
Link to Andrew on Robles
Link to Strasburg story
Link to Lerner sale story
Link to BP catcher defense
Link to Andrew’s WaPo archive
Link to ballpark meetup forms
Link to meetup organizer form

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