Arsecast Extra Episode 572 – 11.03.2024

Welcome to another Arsecast Extra, the Arsenal podcast, with myself and James from @gunnerblog.

In this episode we look back at the late 2-1 win over Brentford on Saturday evening. We chat about Declan Rice and his goal contributions this season, an eventful evening for Aaron Ramsdale who had a game of two-halves and who made an important contribution despite his glaring error, penalty incidents that could have gone our way, Kai Havertz scoring the winner despite some people thinking he shouldn’t have been on the pitch, and what digging out these three points against tricky opposition means for our title chances. Then there are questions about the game between Liverpool and Man City, value for money signings, who should replace Gabriel Martinelli on the wing against Porto, dealing with nerves, and lots more.

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