Terence Crawford On A Fight With Canelo: “The Biggest Fight In Boxing Right Now, Like It Or Not”

Could a fight between rival pound-for-pounders and future Hall of Famers Canelo Alvarez and Terence Crawford actually happen? If it does, it will be due to the enormity of the fight, insists Crawford. Crawford, who has expressed interest in going for “the ultimate” in the form of a challenge to reigning 168-pound king Canelo, took to social media today to write the following words:

“Terence Crawford vs Canelo Alvarez is the biggest fight in boxing right now. Like it or not it’s just the facts.”

So, is Crawford right, and do you like it? It’s possible, probable even, that plenty of fans will agree with the reigning welterweight champ. 33-year-old Canelo is a huge star and a major talent, and 36-year-old Crawford is a big star and a superb talent. If the two did tango, either at 168 pounds or at a catch weight, the fan intrigue would likely be massive. But will the fight happen? Should it happen? Is this a step too far in weight for Crawford, either at 168 or at a catch weight close to it?

We have of course seen some crazy, nobody-saw-them-coming match ups take place before now – the Manny Pacquiao-Oscar De La Hoya fight springs to mind, when the “too small” Pacquiao went up from just one fight at 135 to face De La Hoya at welterweight. But would a Crawford challenge of Canelo perhaps rank as the most audacious move up in weight ever?

The fight would be historic if it took place, and it would be BIG, but who out there really thinks, believes, it would be a competitive fight? Canelo, 60-2-2(39) is a heck of a strong, powerful super middleweight, while Crawford was arguably at his absolute best down at 140 pounds, even though he has looked superb at 147 pounds also. As to how the additional 21 pounds (or maybe less, Crawford would perhaps come in at something in the low 160s if he did fight Canelo) would affect Crawford’s speed of hand and foot, well, this would be one huge question going in.

But is the fact that Crawford is exclaiming how number-one as far as being the biggest in the sport a fight between him and Canelo would be a sign that “Bud” wants the fight and feels it will happen? Maybe. It really would be a shot at true greatness on the part of Crawford, 40-0(31) if he did indeed take this fight, and just imagine the pay-per-view numbers this one could pull in.

The hype and the absolute intrigue this fight would generate would really be something, while the historical ramifications would also be huge. You may point to another possible or upcoming fight as the biggest in the sport right now, but Canelo Vs. Crawford could be a real monster.

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