Kevin Durant On Tribute Video: We Didn’t Accomplish Anything Worth Being Celebrated For

Kevin Durant elaborated on why he believes the Brooklyn Nets shouldn’t show a tribute video for him in his first return game to Barclays Center.

“What did I do to deserve that?” Durant said about a tribute video after Sunday’s loss at Orlando.

“Seriously, or is it because of my name? I’m just another player, man. I don’t deserve none of this extra attention, everybody looking at me when the game starts. The game is about all the players on the court. It ain’t about me. I was there for three years, four years and we didn’t accomplish anything worth being celebrated for. That’s just how I feel.”

Durant and the Phoenix Suns will play the Nets on Wednesday.

“I don’t expect anything from anybody,” Durant said. “I just want people to come and enjoy the game and come support the game of basketball. Whatever they do in between the time, then they do it, but I can’t control that.”   

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