A Brit’s Guide to Wagering on the NHL

The NHL (National Hockey League) is a thrilling ice hockey league primarily located in North America. While this sport is often overshadowed in the UK by football or rugby, there’s an increasing number of British enthusiasts drawn to the fast-paced action of ice hockey. If you are keen on dipping your toes into the world of NHL staking, this guide aims to furnish you with essential knowledge and tips.

American Ice Hockey History

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Understanding the Game

Before you embark on any NHL wagering adventure, understanding the fundamentals of ice hockey is paramount. Comprising 32 teams, the NHL hosts some of the most skilful players on the planet. The league’s regular season leads to the exhilarating playoffs, culminating in the ultimate prize – the Stanley Cup.

Key Terms:

  • Puck Line: A form of wagering specific to ice hockey, similar to a point spread in other sports.
  • Money Line: Wagering on who will win the match, regardless of the score.
  • Over/Under: A bet placed on the total goals scored in a game, being either over or under a specified number.

Finding the Right Bookmaker

Not all bookmakers will offer odds on NHL games, so it’s crucial to seek out those that do. Look for well-regarded, licenced platforms with competitive odds and a broad selection of markets, even including draft betting into their available betting products.


Developing Your Strategy

Ice hockey is an unpredictable game, but a thought-out approach can tip the scales in your favour.


  • Do Your Homework: Study the teams, the players, recent performance, and even the conditions of the ice. Any insights can be valuable.
  • Consider Injuries and Line-ups: In a sport as physically demanding as ice hockey, injuries are frequent. Keeping an eye on team line-ups could give you an edge.
  • Watch for Value: Instead of merely backing favourites, search for bets that offer value. Understanding when the NHL odds favour you more than they do the bookmaker is a vital skill.

Types of NHL Wagers

Here are some common ways you might choose to stake on NHL matches:


  • Match Betting: The simplest form of wagering, where you pick the winner of a game.
  • Accumulators: A wager on multiple games, where each selection must win for the bet to pay off. It’s riskier but offers higher returns.
  • In-Play Betting: Wagering during the match, with odds that fluctuate as the game progresses.
  • Prop Bets: These are wagers on particular events or statistics within a game, such as a player scoring a goal or a team winning a specific period.

Responsible Gambling

While the excitement of NHL wagering can be addictive, it’s vital to exercise control. Always stake within your means, and never chase your losses. Various tools and services are available for those who feel they might need support.



NHL wagering offers an exciting opportunity for British punters looking to explore a different sporting landscape. By understanding the game, selecting the right bookmaker, forming a robust strategy, and wagering responsibly, you can join the thrill of ice hockey betting.


So grab your jersey, polish up on those NHL stats, and prepare for the heart-pounding excitement that only ice hockey can offer. The puck’s about to drop, and the wagering excitement awaits!

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