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Mikal Bridges recently shared his thoughts on the Brooklyn Nets’ offseason. The promising small forward believes the Nets will move into this coming season with basically the current roster. This is what he had to say:

“Yeah, pretty much, I think so. And I’m pretty excited about it,” Bridges told The Post. “I mean, I love the
guys that we’ve got, just bring everybody back and finally go through preseason and new coaching staff
and for Jacque [Vaughn] just to have his preseason and have his coaching staff whoever he wants and
put what he wants coming in for him.
“I kind of forget when I got traded there that he came in because Steve [Nash] got fired, so he had to kind of [stand pat]. [Last season], he had that awkward where it’s not really all you because the assistant and the head [coach], you guys can have the same things but people have different type of schemes and foundations and stuff. “So, just excited for him to have a preseason, have his guys he wants around and pretty much have it his way. And I’m excited for us to all be together and have these schemes from jump, [instead of] being thrown out there with three different teams in one lineup and just trying to go figure it out. So I’m definitely excited.”

Bridges was a bright spot for the Nets after the Kevin Durant trade last season. Many expect him to have a breakout year this coming season.

Mikal Bridges Believes Nets are Done Making Moves This Offseason

The State of Brooklyn Right Now

The Nets are in a “rebuild on the fly,” state right now. Many thought they would crumble after dealing away Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant last season. However, with the assets they were able to get from these deals, they were still a solid team in the East and made the postseason as a six seed. They were knocked out in the first round by the Philadelphia 76ers, but still surprised many peers just by making the playoffs.

Can Mikal Bridges Develop Into a Star?

Bridges was never able to unlock his true potential buried in the Phoenix Suns’ rotation. However, the end of last year showed a possible star in the making. With the Nets, Mikal Bridges became a 26.1 point per game scorer as the first option. On top of this, he also tallied 4.5 total rebounds and a steal per game after getting traded from Phoenix. He is becoming a crafty scorer and an underrated defender. This is a recipe for a future star in this league and the Nets should be very excited for his future.

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