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Nowadays, getting into a modern online casino, we get a 2-in-1 offer – both slots and sports betting. This is a lucrative and attractive option, as you can switch between categories and get even bigger winnings. In addition, the welcome bonuses are available to users separately for slots and betting. Players can avail of various lucrative offers, such as the deposit 10 play with 60 slots.
While the casino slots are straightforward – you spin the slot and hope to win, betting on a sport may give you some ideas. Let’s get into the subject of betting in detail.

Selection of a hockey betting platform

There are many different sports that you can bet on, but the winter sport of ice hockey remains a favorite of thousands of people. One can argue about personal interest, attractiveness, and the nature of the game, but betting on sports is always about winning, so let us take a look at hockey betting from a purely pragmatic point of view. If you’re looking for a comprehensive website with a detailed analysis of hockey betting, you should check out

The popularity of ice hockey among the public has aroused the interest of bookmakers as well, so they put a lot of emphasis on this popular sport and offer a wide variety of action lines. The action line is a term among bettors; it describes the different types of outcomes on which bookmakers offer to bet. However, before you get down to the actual betting process, you need to find out where to place your bets. In our opinion, there are a few basic preparatory stages:

  • Choose a suitable online casino. It’s up to each his own – some are looking for advantageous bonus offers, some are browsing through a variety of categories, and others are looking for license and security. Last but not least, you should pay attention to what methods of payment and deposit frameworks are available – there’s a good list of minimum deposit casinos uk.
  • Careful selection of methods for betting. Here, it is worth paying attention to the resources that can provide you with the most detailed statistics of hockey matches.
  • Choice of strategy. The professionals of their business have developed a considerable number of strategies by which sports betting can be most profitable

Types of hockey bets

Apart from that, it is worth understanding that there are several types of bets. In a standard hockey action line, there are these types:

  • A bet on the initial result. There are only 2 variants: a draw or the victory of 1 of the teams. With that this kind of bet has a minimum profit margin, which in bookmaker terminology means the percentage profit, which the bookmaker’s office puts into the odds. The odds of the bettor winning are not very high, in relation to the following kind of bets.
  • Double odds bet. Here already one can put one bet on several alternative variants of the outcome of a hockey match. The first option is a draw or victory of the home team, and the second option is a draw or victory of the visiting team in a match. Another option is that there is no draw and one of the two participating teams wins. The risks are lower, the odds are less certain, and the odds are lower. That said, this kind of betting on hockey can be called less risky, even with a superficial analysis of the game you can get a win.
  • Total. This is the denotation of the game figure, in the case of hockey – the scored pucks. However, you will not have to guess the number at random – the betting office clearly indicates the number, and all you have to do is decide whether the total will be higher or lower than the suggested figure. There are 2 variants: total betting (how many goals both teams have scored in the game) and individual betting (how many goals both teams have scored).

Handicap. In other words, handicap in betting. It is a special kind of bets, when a certain event in the game is given as an artificial advantage, or on the contrary, lag. Handicap is often used to equalize odds in case of obviously different chances of teams to win the title of the winner of the game.
A very profitable, but sometimes ventured, kind of betting on hockey is to bet on a comeback. If we consider the sporting concept of a comeback, it actually means that the team, which has been losing for some time, manages to catch up with the rival and take the lead in points. The stakes for this kind of win are much higher, as their unexpectedness and unpredictability characterize them. Moreover, such results, as such, represent a hockey team as tough, strong-willed, and motivated. Perhaps the most striking example of a comeback in hockey history is Miracle on Ice, which took place in 1980 and was remembered for an eye-catching and spectacular win for the USA against the clear favorite, the USSR.
We have only listed 4 options for the main action line, but almost all casinos also offer an additional option. There is a lot more specification, and in order to win you need to be able to perfectly understand and analyze ice hockey games. In the extra action line, you can bet on the exact number of goals that only 1 particular player will score, on the amount of penalty time, etc. So to take part in additional action line bettor should have a certain level of experience, analytical skills, and to some extent luck.

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What to take into account when betting on hockey

It would probably be hard to find anyone who has not heard of the NHL, which stands for National Hockey League, at least in passing. During an NHL season, games can be played with unprecedented intensity, and there are times when teams play several days in a row without stopping at all. On top of that, hockey is tough and at times even injury prone. So it is clear that apart from the high level of responsibility and intensity, hockey players are under an unheard-of pressure due to the frequency of games and the use of power in games. The frequency of games is worth taking into account to understand the teams’ level of performance.
Hockey is distinguished by its high match success rate. On the one hand, there is an advantage, but on the other hand, there is also a certain risk. The bettor should keep in mind that a high percentage of high performance is acceptable in hockey. You should also take into consideration and analyze the lineup, the rivalry background of certain teams, and the actual detailed results of the games, at least from the last season. And of course, betting on hockey attracts bettors with the frequency of the matches, it allows you to make a detailed analysis of hockey games, to bet and earn money on them, as well as just enjoy the spectacular process.

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