Effectively Wild Episode 2001: Open the Podcast Bay Doors, HAL

Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley banter about the podcast’s naming conventions, the EW reverse jinx boosting Byron Buxton, the stress of observing Jacob deGrom’s high-wire act, Drew Maggi’s first major league hit (off of Hobie Harris!), high-scoring, high-altitude baseball in Mexico City, MLB editing (and later restoring) an A’s highlight, White Sox fan unrest, Jazz Chisholm Jr. being mic’d up on a broadcast while batting, the standouts toward the top of the combined WAR leaderboard one month into the season, and more, then (1:12:00) Stat Blast about the lowest-career-WAR players ever to lead a team in WAR in one season, the most players ever used in one game at each position, and how the pitch clock has made games not only much shorter, but also much less variable in duration, plus (1:41:32) a Past Blast from 2001 and a few follow-ups and closing thoughts (1:43:39).

Audio intro: Guy Russo, “Effectively Wild Theme
Audio outro: Alex Glossman and Ali Breneman, “Effectively Wild Theme

Link to deGrom injury info
Link to Ben Clemens on deGrom
Link to Maggi hits video
Link to article on Maggi being optioned
Link to Ben on baseball in Mexico City
Link to Mexico City game stats
Link to Susan’s humidor tweet
Link to Susan’s Mexico City gamer
Link to Susan’s Game 2 gamer
Link to tweet about A’s highlight
Link to Ben on in-game interviews
Link to mic’d up Maldonado
Link to White Sox fan rant
Link to James Fegan on Sox fans
Link to James on the Roberts benching
Link to Jay on the White Sox
Link to combined WAR leaderboard
Link to article on Chapman’s defense
Link to FG post on Cole
Link to Topps NOW cards
Link to Episode 1952 Stat Blast
Link to worst WAR leaders
Link to most players at position links
Link to Ben on the Waxahachie Swap
Link to all-position players
Link to April 25 games
Link to 1969 time-of-game article
Link to 2001 Past Blast source
Link to contraction plan details
Link to David Lewis’s Twitter
Link to David Lewis’s Substack
Link to Twins HR celebration
Link to Sam on WS dogpiles
Link to Sam on walk-off celebrations
Link to 2019 Nats celebrations
Link to 2019 Nats article
Link to 2023 HR celebrations
Link to White Sox walk-off gamer
Link to Passan division tweets
Link to A’s walk-off gamer
Link to A’s winless SP record
Link to Ohtani homer
Link to Cruz triple
Link to CBA/start times thread

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