Potential Trade Destinations for Damian Lillard –

Damian Lillard’s time in Portland could be coming to an end. The Trail Blazers’ superstar has recently questioned the direction the franchise is going and has hinted that he may be ready to move on if contending moves are not made.

“It ain’t a threat. I ain’t gonna say I’m putting them on the clock. I’m just saying if those things can’t be
done—if we can’t do something significant like that—then we won’t have a chance to compete on that
level. And then, not only will I have a decision to make, but I think the organization will, too. Because at that point, it’s like, are you gonna go young, or are we gonna get something done? I think we just kinda been on the fence with fully committing to either one. I just think we at that point now where everybody wants to win. They believe I deserve that opportunity.” Damian Lillard

Many have lobbied for Lillard to part ways with the Trail Blazers for years, but now, it is seeming like a reality. With that in mind, there are a few contenders who would benefit greatly from the All-Star point guard’s services.

Possible Landing Spots for Damian Lillard

Destination #1: Miami Heat

The Heat could move on from veteran, Kyle Lowry, and bring in a superstar in his prime forming a nice star trio. A potential star trio consisting of Jimmy Butler, Damian Lillard, and Bam Adebayo that is, but the Trail Blazers would most likely want at least one of these stars in return. However, the Heat would still have a deadly dynamic duo giving them a legitimate opportunity to compete in the Eastern Conference.

Destination #2: Los Angeles Lakers

It should come as no surprise that Damian Lillard is being linked to the Lakers. LeBron James is not getting younger, and the Lakers are expected to churn out star power and success year after year. Bringing in Damian Lillard to play with LeBron James would immediately elevate the Lakers back to contender status in the NBA. A big three of LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and Damian Lillard would be sure to shake up the Western Conference. Knowing Los Angeles, they will do everything in their power to lure Lillard away from the Trail Blazers.

Destination #3: Boston Celtics

Jaylen Brown’s future as a Boston Celtic is uncertain, even if they do win the NBA Finals this year. Boston could use him as bait in a trade to get Damian Lillard. A duo of Lillard and Jayson Tatum would be one of, if not, the highest scoring tandem in the league. The Celtics could still try to trade for the All-NBA point guard even if Jaylen Brown departs in free agency. After all, Portland would be going into rebuild mode if they did trade their best player, so draft picks would be their priority at this point. Damian Lillard is an arguable top-10 player in today’s NBA, so him going to an already existing contender would only improve their title chances.

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