Nick Nurse, Raptors Still Believe He Could Return As Head Coach Next Season

The future of Nick Nurse with the Toronto Raptors is uncertain following a disappointing season and his comments to the media that he plans to consider his future. While Nurse certainly could exit as head coach and end up with another team, there is a scenario where he remains with the Raptors.

“I know this, both Nick Nurse and Masai Ujiri have been communicating lately,” reported Adrian Wojnarowski before the Raptors’ Play-In loss. “There’s still very much a pathway forward for Nick Nurse with the Raptors beyond this postseason.”

Nurse and Ujiri will meet in the near future.

“I still think both sides believe there is a way forward here. If there isn’t, especially the Rockets, they are monitoring what goes on with Nick Nurse. I think he’s very high on their list if he becomes available.”

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