What hobbies do hockey fans indulge in?

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Hockey is one of the sports in the world that has been increasing in popularity over the last few years. The sport has over two billion fans all over the world, and the number keeps increasing by the day. Hockey fans have been known to push their passion to various heights just to show their love for the sport. This article will showcase some of the favourite pastimes of hockey fans when they are not on the field. 


A popular hobby among hockey fans is gambling. There are various types of gambling that these fans engage in, especially those with hockey-based themes. Various sites like slotsource.co.uk highlight several slots sites that hockey fans can visit to play some of their favorite slot games.For instance, many fans have been known for playing hockey-themed slots like Hockey League, which is a 5-reel, 3-row and 25-payline slot game. Another popular game is Break Away, which will appeal to low-budget betters. This game is a 5-real slot that uses photorealistic graphics with chants from the fans making it more realistic. Jagr’s Super Slot is a 6-reel game based on the legendary hockey player Jaromír Jágr. This game offers many bonuses.

 Another time of gambling is sports betting, where fans can bet on their favorite teams to win. The bets vary from line wagering, fractional odds, to point spreads and parlays. Some popular types of betting include money line bets where you just simply bet on the team to win, while point spread is a bet on the margins of victory, rather than the final result. Live bets are another type of betting that is placed after the game has started, making it more fun, because the odds are changing depending on what is happening in the game at that moment. Also, you can make live bets on traditional wagers like moneylines or spreads, or on specific wagers like the results of the next possession. 

Collecting memorabilia

One of the favorite things to do among hockey fans is collecting memorabilia. If you are a hockey fan, then you will know how intriguing collecting precious items like pucks, jerseys or cards is. Fans also love collecting autographs from popular players, which they keep as a great treasure or tray to sell or trade to other collectors. Collecting memorabilia is a great way to show your devotion to your favorite team or player while also having some fun along the way. This hobby also allows fans to show off their pride for their beloved teams, and also serve as  great conversation starters when hosting friends and family at home. Furthermore, there are many Facebook groups and other online sites where all the collectors can gather and not only trade their items but also have long discussions about their favorite players or their most precious collectable items. This is a great way to find people all around the world that share the same interest with you and expand your friend circle. Moreover, some websites even offer newsletters that are sent to their subscribers, informing them of the new available collectables to be purchased or traded and all other news about hockey players around the world.

Playing fantasy leagues

Fantasy leagues are taking the world by storm by more and more sports fans wanting to play the game with their friends but from the comfort of their homes. Fantasy leagues involve creating teams made up of real-life players and tracking their performance, injuries and other factors that may influence their games throughout a season or tournament. Also, they can trade and draft players just as if they would do it with real teams, making this experience more fun and engaging. This provides an exciting way for hardcore hockey enthusiasts to stay involved with their favorite sport even when they aren’t able to attend actual games themselves. This hobby gives them an opportunity to put their knowledge about the game into practice while competing with other enthusiasts from around the world for bragging rights and cash prizes. 


Another popular pastime among hockey fans is photography. It has become a common thing to see fans walking around with cameras. However, the popularity of mobile photography has made it more convenient for hockey lovers to record their best moments without having to carry so much gear. Whether it is photographing players on the ice, taking pictures of crowds cheering in an arena or taking a selfie with your favourite player, photography provides an amazing outlet for your creativity while also enabling you to document special moments from games. Furthermore, sharing these photos online with your friends or on one of the many fan pages online can bring joy because not only do you share a great captured moment with other sport enthusiasts but you can also start an interesting discussion of what happened behind the scenes.

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