Taylor Jenkins Gives No Timetable For Ja Morant Return

Taylor Jenkins said that there was no definitive timetable for Ja Morant returning to the Memphis Grizzlies.

The team initially stated on Saturday that Morant would miss at least two games after the point guard was seen showing what appeared to be a gun on an Instagram Live video. 

“We have said that it’s going to be at least these two games. I mean, this is going be an ongoing healing process. … It’s really not a timetable situation,” said Jenkins on Sunday.

Jenkins continued to reiterate the team’s support for Morant.

“There’s a supportive element for someone that’s got to get better and needs some help. But then there’s also accountability to the team that we’ve got to stand for,” added Jenkins.

Morant released a statement on Saturday that he was going to take time away from the team to focus on his well-being


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