‘Creed III’ Smashing All Competition; Opening Weekend Takings KO ‘Rocky’

Could a ‘Rocky’ move work without its titular hero? Had the ‘Rocky’ franchise taken all the cash paying fans, fight fans and regular cinemagoers alike, had to offer? Well, no. Not at all. ‘Creed III,’ the latest instalment in the spin-off series that serves to keep the story of the silver screen’s most celebrated pugilist going (sort of) is doing smashing business at the Box-Office.

Variety has reported how the non-Sly Stallone flick has pulled in an astonishing $100.4 million over its opening weekend, this globally – with the movie taking in over $58 mil in the US alone. This is more than even the original ‘Rocky’ movie enjoyed in its opening weekend back in the 1970s. It seems the ‘Rocky’ legend, and with it the ‘Apollo Creed Jr’ legend, ain’t going anywhere anytime soon. Fans wanted more and they’re getting it right now courtesy of Michael B. Jordan’s directorial debut.

Added to the success as far as the franchise is concerned, the massive success of ‘Creed III’ has surpassed that which any other sports film has ever enjoyed during its opening weekend.

Despite what the naysayers might try and tell the less informed, boxing is still huge, the sport continuing to enjoy nothing but enormous interest and support. And with boxing movies always, or almost always being big business, and continuing to swat the opposition, who can argue with boxing’s greatness? With the forthcoming ‘Big George Foreman’ biopic set for release next month, the continued excitement inspired by The Sweet Science will go on reaching the average man and woman; folks who may never have tuned in for a pay-per-view boxing match prior to buying their cinema ticket but may well do so after departing the movie house.

Boxing movies have always been great, at least a well-written, well-acted boxing movie has always triumphed at the Box-Office. ‘Creed III’ is clearly a boxing flick that ticks all the boxes as it scores the knockout.

Hooray for ‘Rocky.’ Hooray for ‘Apollo.’

Have YOU seen ‘Creed III’ yet?

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